Reflected light dewbow on water surface

I and my wife Eliisa Piikki got a hint about a light phenomenon on a lake nearby. Eliisa took some photos and there was a dewbow and a reflected light dewbow in those photos. They were formed on the waterdroplets that were settled down on the Chrysomyxa ledi needle rust (Small-spored spruce-Labrador-tea rust).

That rust can’t be seen in Finland every year, but this year it is very common especially in the Eastern and in the Northern Finland. Because of the rust the young needles of some spruces are brown.

Author: Jari Piiki, Finland


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  1. Timo K. said…

    Fine and interesting catch… Is there somewhere an explantion how these reflected light dewbows form ?
    I would like to know the light path…

  2. Jari Piikki said…

    The reflcted dewbow is formed by reflection from a calm water surface first and then about the droplets.

    Jari P.

  3. Michael Ellestad said…

    Very new looking optical phenomenan there I see the curved bow and the other is almost straight wheres the anti solar point?

  4. marko riikonen said…

    Nice…nice… So, birch pollen sinks, pine pollen sinks but rust pollen floats. Good. Then also corona should be possible if there are enough particles on the water.

  5. Jari Luomanen said…

    This is simply awesome! Piikki has created another classic!

    (I deleted my comment from above since my name did not show up).

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