Reflection rainbow (Lahti, Finland)

On the evening 5th of August 2009, there was a reflection bow observed at city of Lahti. Marja Wallin saw and photographed a small fragment of reflection primary bow.

image (c) Marja Wallin

For the moment, the precise location of sun ray reflection is not yet analysed… To see her other rainbow photos for same evening, look at here.

Update (11th Aug 2009):
There is another gallery existing of the reflection rainbow, in same date and location, taken by Sami Luoma-Pukkila.

Posted by Timo Kuhmonen

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  1. Pascal said…

    Very nice photos Marja!
    Photo nr 6 and 7 on your site seem to show a larger portion of the reflection bow, although it is blurred and faint…

  2. Timo said…

    I looked Marja’s photos again. Indeed, the is a diffuse bow structure visible at photo #6, on the left side of the bow. I did not notice it earler… Is it diffuse due to imperfections on mirror, i.e. some ripples and waves on water surface ? To me it looks like straigth line, instead of curved one. Is this the part of bow you meant, Pascal ?

    The short reflection bow section the two last photos (#9 and #10) seems pretty much sharp. I assume water surface has been more calm then…

    Anyway, this was a good catch, Marja !

  3. Marjis said…

    Thanks for the posting and comments. 🙂 This was a first time ever I saw a reflection rainbow. And just ten minutes before it, I was saying to my friend how brilliant it would be to see one some day.

    About photos 6 and 7… I looked at those after taking, but I was then sure it’s just rain or shadow from the clouds. Didn’t even think about the possibility for reflection rainbow.

    Marja W.

  4. Pascal said…

    Yes, Timo, I meant that part on the left of the bow…
    But after reflection (one more 😉 ), I think it is only an illusion. My mistake…
    It is the wrong angle for a reflection rainbow, if you compare with photos 9 and 10, which are taken later (the reflection would have an initial angle to the left, instead of to the right). And I don’t think it can be a shadow, because it would point towards the “antisolar point”, the center of the rainbow…
    I tried to enhance the contrast and colors, but without better result.
    Contrats again for your first reflection bow, Marja!:) Which you could catch some more (if the pics are taken from you home, you should be able to catch some more!)

  5. Pascal said…

    *Congrats (not Contrats)
    *I wish you could (not which)

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