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This is a international collection of rare types of general atmospheric phenomena. If you have observed one of the phenomena listed up here, please send an expressive picture (perhaps with links to more pictures) and a short text to to this contact adress. We are looking forward to receiving a large number of postings!

* twinned, waved or bended ones
* reflected light rainbows or fogbows
* moonlight rainbows
* rainbows in diverging light
* rainbows with an aperture of more than 180°
* unusual rainbows
* fogbows with clearly visible supernumerary bows
* well defined dew bows

Glory, Spectre of the Brocken
* unusual spectres of the Brocken
* things like houses, trees etc. projected against clouds or the sky
* unusually looking spectres of the Brocken (parachutes, angels, climbers etc.)
* uneven glories

Bishop´s Ring
* all clearly photographs with a well defined Ring of Bishop

* coronae in algae
* pollen coronae on water surface
* coloured bows or arcs on water surface
* pollen coronae from plants from which pollen coronae are not known
* coronae on unusual media (e.g. on mosquito wings)

Green Flash
* blue flash
* unusual or well defined forms of the green flash

* bead or ball lightning
* extremely bright purple morning or evening light
* extremely well defined crepuscular and anticrepuscular rays
* mirages
* new or rare phenomena
* phenomena the origin of which is not known up to now
* observations with two or more phenomena visible at the same time etc.

* please visit our blog for Halo Phanomena
* please visit the blog for “Ice Crystal Halos”

  1. I drove to work in serein this morning; a lovely, mystical – and very rare – experience! 😀

    Actually, if anybody has knowledge/an opinion of serein and its potential origin/existence, then I’d like to hear about it! This morning was just post-dawn with a cloudless sky that lasted another 9hrs before we had a change of weather (rain) in my local area. I can tell you that there was a clear blue sky, no mist, no haze to speak of (very slightly apparent on the horizons) and light low-level wind (also, T=2C, give or take). The water droplets appeared as a kind of light drizzle (estimated diameter ~0.1mm) and fell heavily enough to make me clear my windscreen about every 15s or so. My first thoughts, involving dewpoint calculations, I discarded on the grounds that some form of mist/fog would form as, generally speaking, the water droplets would start to cohere before they got big enough to hit my windscreen as fine but discrete tiny splats. However, it was a sunny morning! All opinions are welcome, especially as this is my first experience of serein. If I hadn’t been driving, there would be photos and possibly some measurements… 😉

  2. “Cross sea ” phenomena caught on video sept 6 -2015 new zealand.

  3. Hello. Not my observation but this is a news article i came across.

    I think it might be a reflection bow but the article seems to be confusing this with a tertiary bow.

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