Twinned rainbow from Russia


Twinned rainbow in Siberia, Russia in Original and with unsharp mask. Photo: Ivanna Dark

In June 21, 2016 Ivanna Dark observed Yurga, Kemerovo region in Western Siberia, Russia an clear twinned rainbow: “At 19:45 local time (UTC + 7) began to fall to the ground a few large drops of very weak rain. I decided to look at the rainbow, because I know that it will appear in the presence of the sun. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the rainbow has a certain strangeness. It was not a Supernumerary Rainbows, but seen clearly, that the top part split into equal pieces. Later I found out the name of this phenomenon – Twinned Rainbow. Although the rainbow was very faint and lasted about two minutes, it did not stop to notice the duality of top.”


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  1. I witnessed a rainbow while the inverted sun sat into the sun over a hill 4 miles away. This RB had some very confusing qualities. It appeared to be a bow behind a bow, stereo optic RBs trying to focus together only 75′ away! As I slowly walked up to, it stopped moving away! This holographic-like RB actually got skinnier as I got closer. Within arm’s length I noticed 3 drops, 3/4″ dia. showing an inverted pyramid inside! The crystal-like mechanisms were radiating off the edges, a RB color different in each! I stepped forward & everything was tinted red for 25′! This is where it gets really interesting, with my face practically pressed against the backdrop of trees, the rain changed into a mass of golden sparkling wonder, surrounding me for 3 seconds. The rain receded into the trees & quickly extinguished the golden light. It rained in a small 100 yard area just on top of that hill! The Pacific was 8miles away, the hills the sun set into, 4 miles away. The whole event lasted 2 minutes! It really seemed to me that this event happened only where I was, a very narrow, focused cone of view. Go to Rays Through a Large Raindrop – Atmospheric Optics website & you will find a model of a large drop where you can adjust the angle of sunlight entering. Adjust to 8 degrees & you’ll find the secondary bow is directed away causing a RB on RB. A stereo optic RB!

  2. Please call 707 887 2190

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