Norway iridescent foehn clouds

On February 6, 2011, Dirk Steinborn observed these beautiful iridescent foehn clouds in Favang (about 1-hour-drive north of Lillehammer, Norway). The photographs were taken between 14 and 15 hours CET. The observer supposes: “Probably there weren´t any mother-of-pearl clouds. It is cirrus, but also some medium level clouds had a reddish colour.”

More pictures: 123456.

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  1. I guess a case can be made that’s probably just mother-of-pearl clouds:

    – the calculates sun elevation is 11,4 to 7,9 deg. The observation of MOP’s should be possibly to this low solar altitude.

    – the Upper AIr Soundings from Stavanger shows a temperature less than -80°C.

    – the iridecence clouds seems to be far off the sun, a sun distance more than 40deg would be very unusual for such bright “normally” iridescence clouds.

    Maybe the skilled Finns can help?

    Best wishes

  2. Congratulation to this wunderful pictures!

    I don’t think that’s PSC, the position of the sun ist too high. But there are very high Cirrus clouds till 15km, maybe this observation is a halfway between normally Cirrus and PSC.

    I’d be interested in knowing if another Finnish or Scandinavian observer have seen similarly at the same time? Is there a chance to glean it?

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