Heiligenschein and dewbow in moon light

Well, I wanted to observe moon halos that evening, but the sky was totally clear without any cirrus clouds.

I noticed that some blades of the plants on a field were rather wet. I walked some steps into the field and immediately noticed a clear brightening around the shadow of my head. I did a few steps to the left and to the right and could see a very faint dew bow. So I took some photographs at different exposure times and ISOs. The best photographs (1 2) I achieved using stop 4, an 18-mm-lens and at a time of exposure of 45 seconds at ISO 400.

Author: Michael Großmann, Kämpfelbach, Germany


Posted on May 26, 2011, in dew phenomena, observations and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Randy said…

    I have been researching this for my own uses. The impression I get is that no one is supposed to see your glow, but in my case when I see my glow I can point it out to others around me and they can observe it. If you have time I would love to here your response. Thank you, randy.carr000@gmail.com

  2. gv said…

    I think that even though you wanted a different photo, this picture is beautiful.. It is hard to explain but it brings a number of memories to me. Thanks for sharing.

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