Reflection of camera flash-light in a glass of white wine


A good friend of mine is celebrating his birthday early in September. Recently, we celebrated his 53rd birthday on a Saturday evening in an Indonesian restaurant in the centuries-old city of the town of Utrecht, in the central part of The Netherland. This (school)friend was one of the three guys who initiated a group of youngsters at the end of the sixties and the start of the seventies (of the 20th century), interested in astronomy, weather and … optical phenomena. The initiative grew out to the nowadays Dutch “Vereniging voor Weerkunde en Klimatologie” and the “Halonet” optical observers group.
During the superb birthday dinner, one of the people of the restaurant made a picture with a digital camera-with-flash-light, while we were toasting for the health and wealth of the hero of the feast.

Absolutely by chance, it happened, the flash-light of the camera reflected in the glass of white wine I raised for the toast (the yellow “light” clearly visible in the picture).

It seems, some people are just born for optics …

Author: Frank Nieuwenhuys

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