Divergent light fogbow

Observed at Tuula (Estonia) on 10th September at 00:30. The fog condition was perfect at the time for the glory””s rings merge into multiple supernumeraries. But the location was perfect as well which is surrounded by forest from east and west side generating the wind tunnel to blow the fog from the bog field in north or from the river in south. As long as I remember this location has been always very foggy and has been often flooded in spring-time. The light source I used was Johnlite-2940, which makes the car””s headlights a joke.

I also observed a very bright and colourful glory and took some close-ups.

at 43mm.

Here still photos with 24mm and 30mm.

Author: Marko Krusel

Posted on May 15, 2011, in glory and spectre of Brocken, observations, rainbow and fogbow and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Marko Riikonen said…


  2. Claudia Hinz said…

    Wunderful pictures! Specially the displacement of colour on the right side of glory is very interesting.

  3. Michael Ellestad said…

    That is a very nice set of arcs all the way to the glory. The best I have done as far as car headlight fogbows go I got three colorful supermmeries and a secondary fogbow. I once got a lunar fogbow, a rare catch indeed!:)

  4. gv said…

    I really like the picture because the light is fading in the dark gradually! It reminds me of a drawing of mine

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