Pine pollen corona in Finland

Continuing on the favorite topic of pollen coronas, here are two rather painstakenly constructed images of pine pollen corona.

The white dots are wind dispersing seeds, probably of some willow species. They are more abundant in the lower image, which was taken in town. The upper image was shot in the midst of pine heath, with correspondingly less white fluffs in the air.

[Posted by Marko Riikonen]

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  1. Les Cowley said…

    Assuming that the green disk on your image is the sun then the corona can be matched by one produced by spheres ~46 micron mean diameter. How does that compare with pollen samples?

  2. Michael Ellestad said…

    Wow Marko I wish we had some of those coronas from pollen like that but we don””t. One day however I was sneezin bad at work and looked up and saw a faint pollen corona and I had the camera and got a few pics. I don””t know what type of pollen made it though but it was interesting.

  3. Marko Riikonen said…

    I can””t seem to find any info on our Pinus sylvestris pollen size from the internet. Anyway, here is great site for photos. You can even download a book of pollen, 574 pages.

    On this site are photos of Pinus nigra pollen, that also grows in Turkey. The pollen size is referred as 51-100 um.

  4. Anonymous said…

    In the pollen corona WWW pages of
    Ursa atmospheric optical phenomena section stands for pine pollen:

    65-80 by 45-50 micron

    The grain is far from spherical shape.

  5. Veikko Mäkelä said…

    Sorry about the anonymous comment. I was mine. As far as I known, the axis of pine pole grain are those above mentioned. In the high altitudes the projection of the grain looks more spherical (we look it from the bottom side).

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