Bright Fogbow with serveral supernumerary arcs

On October 3, 2005, on the Wendelstein mountain (1834 m) a very bright fogbow with several supernumerary arcs appeared during the partial solar eclipse. In the centre of the fogbow there also appeared the spectre of the Brocken in variable intensity and size, according to the distance to the clouds. The spectre was also surrounded by a bright glory. Using a polarization filter, Carolin Baumann made this impressive photograph.

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  1. Günther Können said…

    It is one of the best pictures I ever saw from the ””polarized supernumerary fogbow””. The finest aspect is the top of the bow, where the bow is maximally extinguished by the polarizer. There, the locations of the supernumeraries are shifted with respect to the normal situation: they appear between that of the supernumeraties in unpolarized light.

  2. GV said…

    I am actually interested in the question for historical reasons. A quick google search came up with a couple of Wiki articles that suggested the last execution for treason in the US occurred before the end of the Civil War. Wikis are often unreliable so I don””t take them as authoritative.

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